Family vacation

Hello Jeruz

Jerusalem is as full of experiences as you've never known it!

Trippin invites the whole family to celebrate Jerusalem as the capital of the experiences, with all the attractions the city has to offer, in the most family and holiday atmosphere in one of Stay hotels in Jerusalem.

Join us at Passover 2021 where we can finally take real vacation, with gift vouchers for a variety of family attractions, Jerusalem dinners, a movie screening for children on a giant screen, a circus and fire show with a star GOT TALENT ISRAEL, happy hour drinks on the roof of the hotel and one memorable Jerusalem band show!


Trippin offers 3 family programs just for you from 2999 NIS to the whole family:

Vouchers need to be pre-booked

We recommend that you book and reserve as soon as possible, here's how to do it:

1. Go to the attraction site you want to go to.

2. Due to the COVID-19 limitations, an advance reservation at specific time is required (preferably as soon as possible).

3. In "selecting the ticket" (adult/student/senior citizen etc.), there is an option called "Jerusalem most abroad in Israel"/"hotel vouchers". You choose that option. 

4. You mark the desired amount of vouchers you got. 

5. Add a charge with your credit card of a few shekels for a ticket if necessary. The value of the voucher is 40 NIS, so you may not add any money, it's depends on the specific ticket price.

6. You get an e-mail order confirmation.

7. When you will arrive at our hotel, you will go to our reception to pick up the vouchers, and then you will be on the day and at the time you have registered.

8. You will arrive to the attraction, give the vouchers and show your order confirmation you got to your email.

9. Come back and tell us how much fun you had! 


For participants in the program - Free parking in the parking lot at Shamai Street 10!

Navigation map to Stay Inn hotel

If you have many suitcases or a certain difficulty walking, one of you can drop your luggage at 1 Hillel Street, where you can stop and walk 50 meters to the stay Inn hotel.

The driver will continue to the parking area at Shamai Street 10 and will then arrive at the hotel 280 meters from the parking area.

We have a map for easy navigation from the parking area to the Stay Inn hotel- Click here.



The program existence is subject to a minimum of 13 families, otherwise the vacation reservation is postponed to a different close date or canceled subject to your choice.

Leave details and reserve your place in this program!

אנא מלאו את טופס - Leave details and reserve your place in this program!